SAMSUNG 60-5405-05 SAMSUNG HM3700 BLUETOOTH HEADSET - 60-5405-05

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  • Brand: Samsung
  • Category: Headphones
Samsung HM3700 Convertible Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth mono or stereo? Why not both?! The HM3700 Bluetooth Headset easily converts between mono and stereo audio, so it's up to you to decide how you want to hear your conversations, music, and more! The HM3700 is packed with premium features. This streamlined performer is sure to top the charts. The smooth and sleek look of the HM3700 will make you feel fashionable and fun. Most importantly, the HM3700 comes with the Samsung quality you would expect from a leader. The Samsung Bluetooth runs on Bluetooth version 3.0 plus enhanced data rate for fast data transferring and the latest in technology. The Bluetooth is convertible between mono and stereo audio so it's up to you to decide how you want to hear your conversations, music and more. The Voice command and voice prompt features let you answer and make calls with simple commands. The soft rubber keeps it in place and makes this Bluetooth the ultimate in comfort. Use it while exercising, while walking and talking and more! The ear band does a great job of holding the HM3700 on your ear and is light and flexible for that perfect fit. It can connect to phones as far as 33 feet away. The HM3700 lasts up to nine hours of talking time or 300 hours on standby before needing to be re-charged. It's backed by a 12-month limited warranty.


  • Battery lasts up to 9 hours talk time and up to 300 hours on standby
  • Bluetooth version 3.0 plus EDR
  • 33 foot range
  • Samsung quality
  • Sleek and stylish look
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Pavahotti 2.0
62 of 68 people found the following review helpful
Basically any Bluetooth headset will sound good in a quiet room when close to the phone. The true test of a Bluetooth headset is how it performs walking down a busy city street. Can you hear the other person? Perhaps more importantly, can the other person hear you? How does it deal with wind? Can you carry on a conversation without shouting and straining to hear? Does the other party get upset with the voice quality, and continually ask you to repeat yourself?This headset fails all of the above ... tests. Sure, it sounds fine when you are trying to make phone calls in a sealed, noiseless environment. But when put to the test against crowd noise, traffic noise, foot noise, and wind, it just doesn't meet expectations.I have used several Bluetooth headsets in the past, and all of them have exceeded this headset's abilities. My Jawbone was fantastic at noise cancellation, as expected. The Plantronics was an MVP, performing admirably in all of the major tasks. More >
jerseygirldownsouth 4.0
38 of 41 people found the following review helpful
This device has now supplanted the other Bluetooth wireless headset I'd been using.One of the first things I realized was how much better the tone/quality was when I was listening to people speak. It was clear, and the volume control worked perfectly in setting the right level - some people spoke more softly than others, so it was easy to adjust the volume for each.In addition, I have found this headset to be very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. The over-ear hook held it secure ... without biting into my ear. Importantly, the part that sits in my ear is not overly large, and therefore comfortable as well.Though I haven't used it much, the stereo earbud option is a great addition. I have used it when I was on a few conference calls and needed to listen more carefully. It enhanced the experience.Also worth noting - setting this up and pairing it with my cell phone was very simple and straightforward. More >
Pecos Bill 3.0
36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
I already had a Plantronics bluetooth earpiece and often thought "it would be neat to have a stereo bluetooth headset for music, I wonder if they make those?" And it turns out, they do.The real advantage of this is the ability to leave your phone on the charger while you listen to music on the headset -- you don't have to be tethered to a wall socket. I say "the room" because the range is only about 30 feet, so you won't be wandering all around your house and yard, but you can certainly meande ... r around a hotel room or your living room/kitchen, listening to music while your phone charges.Although it comes with stereo headphones, you don't need to use theirs if you don't want to -- it takes a standard plug so any regular headphones will work.The one big detraction, though, and why I can't really give it more than 3 stars overall, is its tendency to disconnect. More >